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Gerry Leet


Coach, Speaker, Author, Pastor

From Police Detective to Probation Officer to Prisoner to Pastor

"Trouble never leaves you the way it found you"

Gerry once had it all or so it seemed…possessions, prestige, position, power! A beautiful, vibrant, young family. He was well respected and appeared successful. Yet, he lost it all!

His compelling story has dramatically impacted people’s lives. Gerry can use his real life experience to help you enrich your life. He believes the way to change your world is by first changing yourself. His motto is; “if you change nothing, nothing changes!” There are temporary and cosmetic changes possible by human intervention, but true foundational change that confronts the core issues is only possible by spiritual intervention.

Gerry is a former city police detective and member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who had his life, “Shattered By Pride.” His book recounts the delusions he allowed in his life of selfish ambition, the false freedom that money buys, not appreciating or grateful enough of life and seeking success at the costs of others.

“Shattered By Pride” details these and other inner struggles that destroyed his life and hurt the people he most loved and cherished including his family, friends and community. Gerry became desperate for money and his “pride” led this father of four beautiful children to extreme action and consequences. He was both self-deceived and deceiving! These behaviors fueled this once respected man to bank robbery and eventually to prison where he was hated and preyed upon. He was fortunate to escape with his life as an ambush was set for this former police officer. A violent altercation ensued as eight inmates attacked and beat him, but providence allowed his escape from the jaws of this mad brutality.   

Gerry has spent many years reading scores of books on criminality and social deviance and examined many scholarly, philosophical and practical articles on criminal behavior. He has reviewed and studied numerous sociological and psychological theories. Gerry completed a detailed investigative search for the root causes of crime and collaborated with young offenders, police, court and corrections staff to obtain their views. Also, he has linked with federal, provincial and municipal leaders and politicians to find the solutions to crime. He became a zealous detective again to ascertain why someone like himself would ever be involved in crime.

Gerry has arrived at his own analysis and conclusions based on all his research and study. He has developed a causation factor he calls, “the missing link” and this condition with other more recognized causes creates the “perfect storm” for crime. He has also crafted a ten point “Safe Community and Neighborhood Action Plan” which is a community faith based initiative to prevent and reduce crime. He promotes social change by faith entrepreneurism.

Gerry found it was the Christian faith that kept him from complete despair and gave him hope in some hopeless situations. He suggests, you don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from Christian principals, teaching and lifestyle. He maintains some of life’s challenges and problems have no human solutions and require spiritual answers and action.   

He is a graduate of St. Mary’s University in Halifax in the studies of Sociology, Psychology and Criminology. He also graduated with a Diploma in Christian Ministry, is an ordained Pastor and serves in a non-denominational ministry. He is an avid fitness enthusiast and promotes a physically active lifestyle.

Gerry has a “passion” to tell and warn others not to follow the deception he embraced and to help people avoid the disappointments or regrets of breaking the rules in life.

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Shattered By Pride

A book that can change your life.

Shattered By Pride is a riveting true story that will keep the reader enthralled and captivated from the dramatic first pages and throughout the tense, emotional eighteen chapters. It is a fast paced real life chronicle that provides some chilling and unnerving accounts of one man's fall from grace., CLICK HERE to learn more about the book "Shattered by Pride"