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Humankind has the capacity to do great good,
but also the potential to commit evil.

As a result of my extensive research and experience I have discovered a troubling reality. There can be a thin line that separates each of us from committing wrong doing or criminal behavior. If we are exposed to certain negative conditions, we all have the capacity to fail and falter.

There are two distinct forces at work in human behavior that often times are dismissed by the social sciences. They can simply be characterized as good and bad behaviors from our personal "free will" to choose right or wrong.

I do not disregard the valuable study and empirical research  of crime as poverty, lack of education, addictions, and mental health are all valid issues that contribute to crime, but they are mostly secondary to the primary cause which concerns the deceitful condition human heart.
The history of human kind and the actions of some criminals can only be classified as "evil." The Bible makes it abundantly clear that there are various forms of evil in our world. The reality of personal sin is very real and active in our day to day life, none of us are without sin. If we do not accept these two truths of sin and evil, we will never understand negative human behavior.

Five cases of deception and poor choices in life:

  • AIG (American International Group) - The extreme greed of this organization and other Wall Street players triggered the global collapse of 2008 and a world financial crisis continues as economies struggle with staggering debt.
  • Wealthy and popular Martha Stewart risked her financial empire for a fraction of her riches and this greed cost her time in jail.
  • Legendary football player and movie star OJ Simpson, convicted to 33 years in prison. He didn't learn anything from the murder trial of his wife, Nicole Brown!
  • A beloved and respected President Clinton commits sexual indiscretions in the White House. Do we all have weaknesses and times of poor judgment?
  • Colonel Russell Williams formally of the Canadian Armed Forces was a highly respected rising star destined for greater achievements in his illustrious career.  He shocked and bewildered everyone after he was charged with two gruesome  sexual murders. He also invaded a number of homes and stole women's lingerie and then would video tape himself modeling this apparel.

Comment: I never really understood my own failures and could not find the answers or solutions. The practical and acceptable reasons for my negative behavior left me unconvinced. There had to be other explanations and motives beyond a financial crisis. There was a "missing link" with my behavior and I found it!

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