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Gerry Leet


Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration or encouragement to get us started on a new path or to develop ideas and the zest to make it happen!

If we can change our attitude, we can change our altitude in life. Each of us has untapped ability and potential to achieve our goals and dreams. I daily adjust my attitude and greet each day with a sense of gratitude and appreciation. This would help any of us to put life in it's proper perspective as there are always those who are less fortunate.

It is usually ordinary people that do extraordinary things!

Life Changing Seminars

"Shattered By Pride"- My book of the same name, will provide a story of unchecked behaviors and how life's warning signs were disregarded. How an independent spirit can reek havoc in your life. This seminar will teach your group how to recognize the signs of stop, yield, proceed with caution and how to apply a warning system to prevent failures. It will teach you to live your life with a winning and overcoming spirit.

"Happiness is an Inside Job" - Many of us try to find happiness outside of ourselves but our response to life's up's and down's is a key to satisfaction and joy. Love, family and friends are important components to happiness but why are some people so happy when their circumstances dictate otherwise. Happiness is a choice and sometimes we must force ourselves to make each day a good day.

"Ten Conditions of Human Nature"- My research has identified Ten Conditions in our human nature and if we can control and disarm there potential affects, we will live in victory over ourselves. Whether you are in sales, public relations, sports or any aspect of daily life, if you can control these Ten Conditions, you will be successful in life.

"Finding Forgiveness" The person who lives with unforgiveness carries around on his back a sack of dead weight that is invisible to others but very real to the offended person. I don't pretend it is easy to forgive someone who has trespassed in your life but some things we all just have to leave behind us. You will find freedom in this seminar and it will release you to live with a huge burden removed over your soul.

"DivorceTalk!"- You will learn that there is life after the death of your marriage. Together we will pick up the pieces of your life and make a new beginning. The best thing you can do for yourself and all the family is to "thrive" in your new life.

Together we can facilitate change in your office environment, in your team, and in your life by embracing a change of heart. A new attitude will allow yourself to live above the circumstances of adversity.


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