Gerry Leet ~ Shattered by Pride
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Gerry Leet ~ Shattered by Pride.
Gerry Leet


Honor, Pride, Integrity "Shattered"

"Trouble never leaves you the way it found you"

Shattered By Pride is a riveting true story that will keep the reader enthralled and captivated from the dramatic first pages and throughout the tense, emotional eighteen chapters. It is a fast paced real life chronicle that provides some chilling and unnerving accounts of one man's fall from grace.

You will be challenged to examine your own behavior, choices in life and discover a new way of thinking, living and loving.

Excerpt from beginning of Chapter #1 "The Police Took Daddy"

"I clearly remember the mass confusion... to say nothing of the choking emotional pain. I had finally been released from jail on bail. My home was filled with family and friends, all of whom were shocked by the events taking place in our life. One of them made this passing comment, "it took you a long time to get this way and it's going to take you a long time to figure this out." Those words rang in my ears for many years as I desperately attempted to recover from the devastation that had so abruptly interrupted our beautiful family.

It is now 20 years later and it has been a long process to fully comprehend what caused a former police officer, father of four wonderful children and a successful family man to rob banks. Indeed, what had driven a long respected man in the community, to commit such completely uncharacteristic acts?

The Consequences

I had never experienced such traumatic pain as I faced in the aftermath of my arrest. I contemplated suicide as I had a large insurance policy that would take care of my family. I am sure some people would not have cried at my funeral and I believe I can understand that disposition. There is always a price to pay for this type of behavior and the consequences live on for a life time and sometimes beyond the grave. However, I decided to live for my children and I was given a new hope that would change my life forever.

Criminal ExpertThe sentencing judge remarked in his comments, "don't any of us be smug in this courtroom today as there is a little bit of Gerry Leet in us all."

"I think in this book you will find some of yourself. Find out how you can change your life course to avoid disappointments, discouragements, and deceptions."

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